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Part of either passive or active satellite thermal control systems, spacecraft radiators are designed to eject excess heat from spacecraft hardware to as part of controlling system temperatures as they experience the extreme temperature fluctuations in space. TMT designs radiators to fit any client’s needs, but specializes in the hardware that is designed to dissipate heat from spacecraft hardware as part of the thermal management system. We design thermal radiators to fit client needs with both fixed and deployable radiators.

Deployable Radiators

TMT has developed a passive thermal control technology for rapidly assembled, modular spacecraft that provides a highly uniform radiator surface in conjunction with a high thermal conductance hinge. TMT deployable radiators are a cohesive integration of a high thermal conductance hinge with a highly uniform radiator surface. This combination provides a thermally efficient radiator to meet the demanding needs of our customers. The deployable radiator technology is currently at TRL6.



  • Thermally efficient radiator surface

  • Low thermal resistance hinge

  • Passive

  • Can integrate with a variety of release and actuation mechanisms

Radiator panels can also be designed and built as fixed radiators.

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Deployable Radiator SBIR managed by Air Force Research Laboratory Space Vehicles Directorate

Phase II performed under Subcontract to our development partner LoadPath (deployment and release mechanisms)

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