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Our mission is to enable customer success by designing, developing, and building quality hardware while creating strong business relationships.


When thousands of hours go into a high-tech project, give it the precision technology it requires.

Our goal is to design and build hardware to meet the toughest challenges anywhere from space to oil fields – to meet your challenge, whatever that may be.

We’re here to serve you. Our vision is to provide engineering services and high-tech hardware technologies that are available to customers worldwide - but we’re not sacrificing the personal touch. We’re a small hands-on company that is focused on customer relations, both with end users and our suppliers, and ensuring that our employees, their families, and the community we live in feels supported.


TMT was formally established as a small business in 2008. Founded by Dr. J. Clair Batty, a renowned innovator with 40 years of experience as a leader in researching and developing thermal and mechanical technologies, TMT consists of talented leaders and staff with a passion for learning, solving difficult problems, and contributing to a strong community. 

Over the years we’ve won multiple government contracts and partnered with some amazing companies while doing internal R&D to develop technologies and products that can be used to solve tough problems



TMT is located in North Logan, UT, with over 5800 ft2 of office and laboratory space. Our building is less than five miles north of Utah State University, allowing us to keep up-to-date on cutting edge research and leverage bright young minds as our employees and interns.

Set in the heart of the Rocky Mountains, Cache Valley is home to stunning winter vistas and arid summer sunlight, so we're used to managing a spectrum of temperatures.

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