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TMT is enabling tomorrow's spacecraft subsystems by providing flight-proven release mechanisms release mechanisms for deployables.

As small spacecraft continue to evolve and become more capable, use of deployable items will become more widespread. 

During launch, "deployables" are stowed close to the satellite structure to protect them and to aid launch dynamics. Once the satellite has ejected from the launch vehicle and is ready to go to work, the deployable devices will unfurl into the ready position. Release mechanisms provide support to the part during the rigor of launch and then deploy the part after actuation from the controlling device.


Gecko Release Mechanism

To support small spacecraft missions, TMT offers a compact, reliable release mechanism for small spacecraft deployables. The entire package fits within a 2.7” x 1.5” x 0.2” volume to fit into tight places. 

The release mechanism utilizes spring loaded shafts to restrain a release block attached to the deployable. Upon actuation, the springs rapidly retract the shafts and release the deployable. The unit is mounted using four screws and the deployable attaches to a release block using a single fastener. Two independent circuits provide actuation redundancy while a monitor switch provides positive indication of release. The unit is resettable on the ground. The mechanism is designed using a NASA developed and licensed technology.


  • Compact

  • Reliable

  • Redundant actuation

  • Actuation confirmation

  • Resettable for ground testing

  • Adaptable to a wide range of applications

  • Debris free


  • Solar arrays

  • Sun shades

  • Radiators

  • Antennas

  • Booms

  • Other custom applications

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