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TMT can support customer project development needs through system and component design, fabrication, and project testing. Given requirements and goals, TMT can work with your team from definition through successful hardware delivery.

TMT has supported engineering studies and development of hardware prototypes from mechanical vapor recompression systems and pyrolysis to flow meters, heat exchangers, and cryogenic systems. We can support projects from R&D, prototyping, system engineering, and complete design, fabrication and test. Our facility is located near several excellent machine shops, which allows for outstanding communication and part turnaround during the product development cycle.

TMT has worked closely in the past with different companies to develop projects that fit their needs. 


Prototype Military Water Unit

Under a development contract with the Army/TARDEC, TMT worked with Purestream and Trilicon to modify water purification technology to make even the dirtiest water drinkable -- and palatable.

Read the KSL News article on how our work with the military AVARA project was used in a demonstration to purify water from the Great Salt Lake or see the video here.

Small Business Innovative Research

TMT successfully develops technologies for spacecraft and other high-power electronics cooling that are readily adapted for other commercial and aerospace purposes. Funded by Small Business Innovative Research (SBIR) government grants, TMT develops specific but flexible products to meet thermal control needs.

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