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Using our broad background in thermal and mechanical systems along with the engineering know-how and sophisticated design and analysis tools, TMT supports various clients with product design, development, and analysis services, and we will continually bring our expertise and willingness to work closely with our customers to provide solutions to challenging industries.

Tools & Expertise

Our laboratory is equipped with several data collection systems, power supplies, and chillers for room temperature thermal testing of hardware. For high vacuum applications, TMT has a 29 in. diameter x 40 in. thermal vacuum test chamber. This chamber allows testing of small hardware pieces from ambient to liquid nitrogen temperature.

TMT works directly with customers to identify, design, analyze, and test solutions for your exciting new projects. Some of the tools we use are:


  • FEMAP®

  • Thermal Desktop®

  • SOLIDWORKS® Simulation

  • SOLIDWORKS® Flow Simulation

  • MathCad®



Using our suite of analysis capabilities, TMT can provide customers with an evaluation of their hardware designs and provide recommendations for improvement based on the objective of the project.


TMT can support customer project development needs through system and component design, fabrication, and project testing. Given requirements and goals, TMT can work with your team from definition through successful hardware delivery.

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