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Avionics Engineering


TMT's space-flight proven thermal storage units are used in a wide variety of applications for cooling electronics or other heat producing components.


Thermal Storage Units / Phase Change Material Heat Sinks

Phase change material (PCM) heat sinks provide a method of absorbing heat in a material during transient heat loads and then dissipating that heat over longer periods of time. This allows for much smaller heat rejection devices, such as thermal straps or radiators, or the energy can be stored to use in stabilizing component temperatures. PCM heat sinks are particularly effective when used in thermal management of electronics systems with cyclical heat loads.

TMT can design and fabricate lightweight, high-energy storage or overall mass PCM heat sinks for use in ground and aerospace applications. Once a component objective has been determined, various PCMs are combined in a structure based on the lightweight flat heat pipes developed for the thermal control panels. This combination provides a significant advantage for spreading the heat within the PCM heat sink to reduce temperature differential to the component.

See our product sheet for phase change materials.


  • High specific energy storage

  • Passive thermal control

  • Packages configured to customer requirements

  • Materials available to cover a wide range of applications

  • Configurable with a thermal strap for direct heat removal


  • Heat sinks 

  • Stable temperature

  • Electronics 

  • Spacecraft

  • Energy storage 

  • Temperature control

  • Thermal protection 

  • Thermal oscillation damping

Finned Heat Sinks

TMT can develop finned heat sinks for custom projects using optimized materials and fins for a particular application.

Heat Exchangers

Our engineers have also been able to integrate the thin, flat heat pipe technology from the Thermal Control Panel development for high performance heat spreading in a finned heat exchanger. The enhanced performance is particularly effective when the electronics have highly localized sources.

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