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AVARA used to make the Great Salt Lake drinkable

Salt Lake City, Utah – May 19, 2014 - Purestream Services and Thermal Management Technologies (TMT) announced the completion of field testing of a pilot demonstration of Purestream’s AVARA Clean Water Mobile Technology.

In June of 2011, U.S. Army Tank Automotive Research Development and Engineering Center (TARDEC) thru the Department of Defense contracted with TMT to modify Purestream’s AVARA Accelerated Vapor Recompression system for military mobile potable water applications. The seven day, 24-hour per day demonstration of the 1,800 gallon per day (GPD), mobile clean water system was the final functional test and occurred at the Great Salt Lake near Antelope Island in Utah. Briney water of ~35,000 total dissolved solids (TDS) from Farmington Bay of the Great Salt Lake, was pumped thru and processed thru the patent-pending AVARA vapor recompression system, then chlorinated to provide clean, clear, drinking water. Now that the successful demonstration is complete, the prototype unit will be shipped to TARDEC in Michigan where they may continue the evaluation.

The AVARA Clean Water Unit is mobile, energy efficient, simple to operate and requires minimal labor for set-up and operation. This is a robust system that is able to take a wide variety of feed water to treat and process for clean drinking water in remote areas. Lead Engineers, Dr. Clair Batty and Scott Schick with TMT, were very pleased with the outcome of the field tests. “This project has been extremely successful. Purestream’s AVARA technology is outstanding as practical, easy to operate, mobile system. The unit will be able to be deployed near a lake, ocean, river or pond to provide clean water for people to drink,” stated Dr. Batty.

Although this prototype has been developed through the U.S. ARMY Tank Automotive Research Development and Engineering Center (TARDEC), Purestream is highly encouraged by the potential for non-military opportunities for use of this technology including emergency response, humanitarian efforts, and other industrial purposes.

Read the KSL News article on how our work with the military AVARA project was used in a demonstration to purify water from the Great Salt Lake or see the video here.

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