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Design & Analysis


Using our suite of analysis capabilities, TMT can provide customers with an evaluation of their hardware designs and provide recommendations for improvement based on the objective of the project. 

System & Component Thermal Testing

Our laboratory is equipped with several data collection systems, power supplies, and chillers for room temperature thermal testing of hardware. For high vacuum applications, TMT has a 29 in. diameter x 40 in. thermal vacuum test chamber. This chamber allows testing of small hardware pieces from ambient to liquid nitrogen temperature.


A small cryocooler-based test chamber provides the ability for testing of thermal straps, isolators or other small components down to ~40 K. Other equipment includes a helium leak detector, vacuum oven, and high vacuum pumping stations. 

Have a Question?

TMT welcomes the opportunity to answer your questions or address any concerns you may have. We look forward to hearing from you today!

Structural Analysis

As a part of our research and development arm, TMT also has the capabilities to analyze structures and components for customers as well as test hardware for qualification tests. We use our experience to test using basic principles and finite element modeling for typical analyses that include:

static loads


normal modes

thermal loads tests

composite vibration

random vibration

Thermal Analysis

Our engineers have been designing thermal systems and components for many years and have the capability and tools to provide thermal analysis of components and systems. Analysis capabilities include:

basic principles

electronics cooling

fluids modeling

finite difference modeling

finite element modeling

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